Sermons on Luke

The Parable

Are you a fearful person or a faithful person? Are you a worrier? Have you ever sensed God prompting you to obedience and trust, yet held back because of fear of what others would think of what it might cost you? In Luke 12, Jesus is encouraging his followers to live by faith and not […]

The Unexpected

From one Follower to another, Peter wants us to see the unexpected, shocking concern, care, and compassion of the Savior of the World. He invites for you to know Him more and to grow in faith and understanding of the unending, personal, intimate love that He has for you. (The audio begins in the middle […]

Discipleship: The Cost

The Disciples Making Disciples series continues as this week we look in the specific Cost of Following Christ. All relationships are expensive and the question today is, “Is Jesus worth it?” From Jesus’ words in Luke 9 we find that to follow Him will Cost us: Our Priorities, Our Identity, & Our Perspective. Is Jesus […]