Men of God Conference

Prepare yourself to be thoroughly challenged at the 2018 Men of God Conference!


Let’s get excited for this year’s speaker –Eric Mounts– a former Men of God main speaker from 2007….remember the Tour deLife Conference? This year, Eric will be speaking on the topic: Courageous Faith in a Hostile Culture.

“Our culture has left the neighborhoods where we used to live.  Ward and June Cleaver are not our neighbors anymore.  We were used to playing at home as the home team with home court advantage.  That advantage is gone.  Our faith and convictions are now viewed with hostility.  Now the church is always playing ‘on the road’ in our culture.  This is a new day to live for Christ in America.  We need to get ready for the river is rising!  We need courage.  Our morning prayer needs to be, ‘Increase our courage, Lord!’

But, Christ always leads us in triumph.  There is hope.  Saints lived in pressure-packed days in the past and courageously stepped into their moment and lived lives of hope, vitality and influence.  We’ll be looking at God’s Word together and plotting a courageous way forward.  These are the descriptors for the life God is calling men to in our age.  This is our day!  We’ll step into it together at the Men of God Conference at Calvary.

Session 1= Courage: God’s people have been there & done this!  (Daniel 1)
Session 2= Facing our Moment: From whence comes determined resolve?  (Daniel 3)
Session 3= Unpacking Courage: What ought courage to look like in our lives?  (Esther 4)